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5 Ways to Tell Your Child Could Benefit From Attending a Goalie Academy

If you’re on this website because you’re investigating different Edmonton goalie schools, then you’ve probably already made the decision that a goalie academy is right for your son or daughter. But, if you’re on the fence or are just investigating options, how can you tell?

Based on our experience, here are five signs your child could benefit from attending an Edmonton goalie academy:

1. They have a natural ability for hockey, and the goalie position. Note that there are a lot of different kinds of ability, and even a capacity for hard work can be an important skill on its own. Speed, endurance, and even mental strength are all useful to goalie students.

2. Your child has a very strong interest in the game. Just because a young person has a great deal of ability in hockey doesn’t necessarily mean he or she has the drive to succeed at an academy like ours. The student who is willing to practice and work at the craft will almost always beat out a talented one with a low work ethic over the long term.

3. They have a little bit of time to study and practice on a daily or weekly basis. If a student is too overburdened with other responsibilities (like several different sports at once, for example), it’s hard for them to get the most from the instruction they’ll receive at a top goalie academy.

4. You feel that your child could respond to good coaching, and practices well with others. In order for students to truly learn all they can about the game, they have to work respectfully with coaches and teammates.

5. You would like to see your son or daughter develop into a stronger person. Great goalie schools aren’t just about learning to stop the puck and play the position – they are also places to shape character, discipline, teamwork, and confidence.

If you’re searching for the right goalie academy for your child, we encourage you to contact Bradford’s Goal Academy and find out if we are a good fit for you. We aren’t like a lot of the other schools out there, but we work every day to keep developing the reputation with parents and students that has led them to recommend us to each other for years.

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