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Buying In … A Critical Element for Successful Hockey Teams

This blog was written by an aspiring elite-level Goaltender Coach! Great things ahead for this BGA Educated individual in the Game of Hockey!  Hi! I’m Jared! I’ve been a goaltender coach for 5 years. After my minor hockey career ended a little over a year ago, I wanted to...

26 Jun 2017

Team Practices: Effective for Goaltenders, Too!

Team practices mark the perfect time … THE PERFECT TIME … for goaltenders to develop elite-level skills, enhance game understanding, and strengthen self-confidence that will lead to team success … and … cheering families & fans in the stands! Doesn’t that seem worth it? Throughout every team practice, goaltenders...

17 Jun 2017

Top-Performing Playoff Goaltender?

Hello Goaltender fans,  As we head into the 4th and Final Round of the 2017 NHL Playoffs, who has been, in your mind, the top-performing goaltender? Now, it has been said that the goaltenders playing in the 4th Round must be considered. However, this is where you can have...

31 May 2017

Elevate Your Game “Understanding”

We’ve all heard the quote, “Elevate your game!” What does that mean to you? How do you interpret it? How do you communicate its meaning to aspiring elite-level goaltenders? “Elevating your game” … can refer to many things … for instance, from the physical to the mental to the...

23 May 2017

2015 NHL Playoffs: Top Performing Goaltender?

1. Identify which goaltender you believe is the playoff top performer so far! 2. Explain why you chose this specific top performer! 3. Share with our BGA readers 3 of the “best skills” your chosen goaltender possesses! 4. Visit what others have said … and … add to their...

03 May 2015

Become an Elite-Level Goaltender: Be Well-Conditioned!

As was mentioned in the book “Goaltenders are not Targets (, for aspiring elite-level goaltenders to truly reach their performance goals, they must maintain a high level of fitness and remain well-conditioned. The “Art of Goaltending” demands plenty on the body’s energy systems, along with flexibility beyond normal capacity....

19 Dec 2014

ALLAN BESTER: A Former NHL Goaltender with Quick Reflexes!

When I was growing up, I had the privilege to watch several outstanding goaltenders playing in the NHL. Goaltenders, such as, Richard Brodeur; Grant Fuhr; Mike Vernon; Patrick Roy; Kelly Hrudey; etc… were goaltenders I wished to be like. Another NHL goaltender I remember watching and idolizing as a...

07 Nov 2013

5 Ways to Tell Your Child Could Benefit From Attending a Goalie Academy

If you’re on this website because you’re investigating different Edmonton goalie schools, then you’ve probably already made the decision that a goalie academy is right for your son or daughter. But, if you’re on the fence or are just investigating options, how can you tell? Based on our experience,...

16 Sep 2013


I have been a goaltender for over 30 years! I love the goaltending position in hockey and I absolutely love goalie training! Each day, I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do at BGA! However, what is equally enjoyable to me is thinking about,...

28 Apr 2013


IMPORTANT QUESTION! When was the last time you allowed a stranger to open up your front door, walk inside your house, open your fridge, make a sandwich with your food and then go sit on your couch and use your remote while you just watched … and moved out...

21 Apr 2013
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