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BRENT BRADFORD, BEd, DipEd (Spec.), MEd, PhD

University Assistant Professor: Concordia University of Edmonton

Board of Directors: PHE Canada


After completing a hockey career with the University of Alberta Golden Bears (CIAU), Brent went on to teach Elementary and Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta for 10 years. He returned to the University of Alberta in 2009 to teach Higher Education and to earn a Master of Education Degree & Doctor of Philosophy Degree. He is currently Assistant Professor at Concordia University of Edmonton.



ACHIEVEMENT, DEDICATION, and PERSEVERANCE have defined Brent’s career to date. Brent has been an elite-level hockey player his whole life since being selected to the Trail Atom Rep as a ‘brand new’ goaltender in 1982 (Trail, BC). During a career that included three Provincial Titles, Brent was fortunate to be part of two Hockey Organizations that won National Titles.

88-89 BC Bantam Provincial Champs

  • 1999: University of Alberta Golden Bears:University Cup: National Title: (CIAU)
  • 1993: Kelowna Spartans: Centennial Cup: National Title (BCJHL)
  • 1992: Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: League Title (RMJHL)
  • 1991: Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: Cyclone Taylor Cup: Provincial Title (KIJHL)
  • 1989: Trail Bantam Rep: Provincial Title

A ‘constant drive’ to compete and succeed has always been his approach to the Game of Hockey. This was exemplified prior to his Junior Hockey days and continued throughout his career. For example, Brent received the Most Dedicated Player Award with the Trail Junior Smoke Eaters for 3 consecutive hockey seasons … along with other notable selections, accolades, and honors. Brent acknowledges that the following list would not exist without exceptional teammates, talented teams, knowledgeable coaches, educated goaltender coaches, and unconditional support from his family and friends.

  • 1999: The City of Edmonton’s Performance Award: U of A Golden Bears: (CIAU)
  • 1999: Jimmy Condon Hockey Scholarship: U of A Golden Bears: (CIAU)
  • 1998: Jimmy Condon Hockey Scholarship: U of A Golden Bears: (CIAU)
  • 1993: Danny Gare Summer Hockey Classic: Team Renney Goaltender
  • 1993: Williams Forslund Trophy ‘Best Goaltending Duo’: Kelowna Spartans: (BCJHL)
  • 1993: Player (Team) of the Month (January): Kelowna Spartans: (BCJHL)
  • 1992: Player of the Month (January): Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: (RMJHL)
  • 1992: Danny Gare Summer Hockey Classic: Team Gare Goaltender
  • 1992: Most Dedicated Player Award: Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: (RMJHL)
  • 1991: Most Dedicated Player Award: Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: (KIJHL)
  • 1990: Most Dedicated Player Award: Trail Junior Smoke Eaters: (KIJHL)

Brent became a Goaltender Coach when he was a member of the Trail Junior Smoke Eaters (15 years old).

  • Vic LeMire’s Hockey Schools™ (Alaska, Edmonton, Osoyoos, Vancouver)
  • Ernie Gare’s Annual Hockey Schools (Nelson)
  • Trail Firefighters ‘Home of Champions’ Summer Hockey Schools (Trail)

Following his formal playing days, Brent continued his work with goaltenders. Since the inception of BRADFORD’S GOAL ACADEMY, Brent has become the Professional Goaltender Coach for several goalies, Minor Hockey Teams and Associations, and Elite-Level Hockey Organizations across Western Canada. He has helped many goaltenders develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to reach high levels of success. Brent has assisted in the ‘winning ways’ of numerous Elite-Level Hockey Organizations … and has developed and implemented an array of Goaltending Curricula for several Minor Hockey Associations.

Brent Bradford believes … intensely … that teaching goaltenders works most effectively when done with care, passion, motivation, & understanding. He brings all of these qualities to BGA in which he EDUCATES, MENTORS, and TRAINS.


During a decade of teaching with the Edmonton Catholic School Board, Brent held several teaching and school administration roles, including:

  • Administrator
  • Athletics Coach
  • Curriculum Consultant
  • Department Head
  • Homeroom Teacher (Grades 3, 4, 7, 8, 9)
  • Junior Achievement Lead Teacher
  • Physical Education Specialist
  • Special Education Program Developer
  • Special Education ‘School Board’s Special Projects’ Consultant
  • Special Education Teacher

The high level of ACHIEVEMENT, DEDICATION, and PERSEVERANCE that Brent possesses in the HOCKEY ARENA also existed in his 10-year career as a School Teacher. In addition to fulfilling his regular teaching and school administration roles, Brent achieved … and helped others achieve … great things. He became a sought-after Resource Writer; Motivational Speaker; Program Developer; Program Marketing Director; and Leader, Presenter, and Author for countless Educational Conferences, Conventions, Manuals, Programs, Workshops, etc., including:

  • Alberta Assessment Consortium
  • Alberta Learning
  • Alberta’s Local Teachers’ Conventions
  • Alberta Teachers’ Association
  • City of Edmonton – activeEdmonton Initiative
  • Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium
  • Ever Active Schools
  • Government of Alberta – Healthy U Initiative
  • Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta (HPEC)
  • Health Canada
  • Junior Achievement
  • Positive Playgrounds Manual
  • Physical and Health Education of Canada (PHE Canada)
  • Schools Come Alive
  • SHAPE America

Brent’s dedication to his students and school communities, along with his insights into teaching Elementary and Junior High School, have inevitably led to several educational awards, accolades and an abundance of innovative educational opportunities.

For example, in recognition of his willingness to be a life-long learner and to become an effective 21st Century School teacher, Brent was selected in 2003 as one of just 3 teachers in the Province of Alberta to lead an innovative project called ‘Motivators in Motion’ (funded through Health Canada and Ever Active Schools). The primary component of Brent’s obligation was to facilitate and develop awareness toward the importance of Physical Education, Physical Activity, and Health Education in a City-Center School (Kindergarten – Grade 9).

Brent acknowledges that the following list would not exist without his supportive school communities (e.g., administrators, colleagues, families, students).

  • 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009:
    • School Project Leader: Alberta’s Initiative for School Improvement Health & Wellness
  • 2005, 2006:
    • activEdmonton Champion School: Physical Activity Leader
  • 2004: Leadership Formation and Training Program: Edmonton Catholic School Board
  • 2004: Special Project Leader: Provincial Calendar Project: Ever Active Schools
  • 2003: Special Project Leader: Provincial Calendar Project: Ever Active Schools
  • 2003: Program Developer & Educator: Motivators in Motion Project: Health Canada
  • 2003: Young Professional Teaching Award: CAHPERD
  • 2002: Breakthrough Award Nomination: CAAWS
  • 2001: R.O.O.T.S. Mentorship Program: Edmonton Catholic School Board
  • 2001: Letter of Commendation: Health and Physical Education Council (HPEC)


Brent Bradford is a Member of the ‘Golden Key International Honour Society’ … for Scholarly Achievement

In 2009, Brent Bradford returned full-time to the University of Alberta where he once wore #31 for the Golden Bears Hockey Organization … and where he completed his formal Teacher Training. Following an enjoyable and rewarding decade of teaching school, Brent decided to return to the University setting to teach Higher Education and pursue a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Since 2009, he has taught curriculum methods courses as a Teacher Educator. In 2011, he was recognized as an award-winning University Teacher Educator.

Brent Bradford is a Member of the ‘Education Society of Edmonton.’

  • 2016: Erasmus+ Programme Award (Visiting Professor: University of the Basque Country, Spain)
  • 2011: Graduate Student Teaching Award: U of A’s Faculty of Education
  • 2011: Graduate Student Teaching Award: U of A’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

In the Academic Arena, Brent has developed a plethora of research papers, presentations, workshops, and posters for a number of local, provincial, national, and international education journals and conferences … and has been hired recently by the Alberta Teachers’ Association to co-conduct a research study on some of today’s primary issues in the learning environment.

“I believe being part of cutting-edge educational research equips me with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to offer educational advice in the most conducive learning environment for goaltenders, coaches, & families.” /Brent Bradford

Brent Bradford’s Academic Published Writing, along with his Local, Provincial, National and International Presentations, have been available to the Academic Community through a variety of media, such as;


  • The International Journal of Learning
  • Portugal Journal of Learning
  • Hawaii International Conference on Education Proceedings
  • Early Childhood Education Council Provincial Conference Proceedings
  • PHE Canada National Conference Proceedings
  • HPEC Provincial Conference Proceedings
  • The Runner: Alberta Teachers’ Association


  • International Conference on Learning: University of Mauritius: Mauritius
  • International Conference on Learning: University of the Aegean: Rhodes, Greece
  • Hawaii International Conference on Education: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • AAHPERD International Conference: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Alberta’s Local Teachers’ Conventions
  • Early Childhood Education Council Provincial Conference
  • PHE National Conferences
  • HPEC Provincial Conference
  • University of Alberta Research Showcase


Throughout his life, Brent Bradford has continued to ‘offer his time’ to worthy causes that are important to him (e.g., Read-In-Week). In a time when charities and ‘good causes’ can be found in an instant, one has to decide which ones to concentrate on. Brent has chosen to offer his time and resources to 3 areas:

  • Education (Life-Long Learning)
  • Growth and Development of Today’s Youth
  • Societal Health

A few examples of Brent’s Community Service and Support include:

UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA’S U SCHOOL: From 2009-2014, Brent volunteered (i.e., 2.5 hours/week) with the U of A Senate’s U School Program. Brent is the lead Physical and Health Educator for the city- center schools that attend U School each week. Brent develops learning tools and conducts lessons to assist in the ‘Growth and Development’ of school children ranging from Grades 4 – 9. In 2012, Brent was the Keynote Address Speaker at the U School Convocation Ceremony (Title: “Be the Best at Whatever You Are!”).

EDMONTON OILERS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION – BGA CHARITY EVENT: On Thursday, December 23rd, 2010, Brent Bradford and the BGA Community organized a 1-day Charity Event that raised $8,133.00. All the money raised during the BGA Charity Event was donated to the Edmonton Oilers City-Center School to assist in the Education of tomorrow’s leaders.

UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS HOCKEY: Brent supports the U of A Golden Bears Hockey Program each season either through the ADOPT-AN-ATHLETE PROGRAM or directly to the Golden Bears Hockey Team. Brent sends the message consistently to aspiring goaltenders that Education and Hockey can go hand-in-hand. BGA stresses the importance of a solid education, which is emphasized by supporting the Golden Bears Hockey Program and student-athletes.


ACHIEVEMENT, DEDICATION, and PERSEVERANCE have defined Brent Bradford’s career to date in Hockey Arenas, Schools, and in the World of Academia! If these are qualities you would like your goaltender to grasp … BGA is the clear choice!

With award-winning Educational accolades and distinguished Academic achievements fused together with elite-level Hockey experiences, Brent Bradford possesses the aptitude to EDUCATE, MENTOR, and TRAIN aspiring goaltenders in a ‘TOP OF CLASS’ learning environment. Thus ensuring they are prepared to reach their full potential on the ice, in the classroom, and in the community through an innovative, professional, and ethical TEACHING TEAM that promotes HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and PERSEVERANCE.


  • I am proud to be recognized as an EDUCATOR!
  • The ‘Game of Hockey’ has provided me with several great outcomes and qualities … “ACHIEVEMENT requires HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and PERSEVERANCE!”
  • At BGA, I ensure that all goaltenders comprehend the importance of ‘Quality & Higher Education’ on the ice, in the classroom, and in the community!
  • Although goaltending continues to evolve, every aspiring goaltender possesses the tools to develop the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes for successful performances!
  • I believe teaching is an Art … and a Science! For example, teaching a Butterfly Save has been being taught for several years by many different Goaltender Coaches around the world. It is how one teaches the concepts that separates those who ‘reach’ their students and those who do not.
  • The educational skills and experiences I have been fortunate to accrue continue to help me to ‘reach’ each aspiring goaltender … no matter what learning styles and needs arise!
  • Treating students, staff members, families, and others in the learning environment with the utmost respect is a philosophical mandate at BGA. Sadly, in past Goalie academy experiences, I observed young instructors being ridiculed, intimidated, harassed, and spoken down to regularly by those in so-called ‘superior’ positions.
  • Offering my time to the BGA Community is customary. I am a phone call/e-mail/fax away from goaltenders, families, and coaches!

“Education is what is most important to me! BGA is not a job; goalie development has become a way of life for me. I have been fortunate to become a close positive mentor to several goaltenders, goaltender coaches, families, etc.!” /Brent Bradford