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Become an Elite-Level Goaltender: Be Well-Conditioned!

Matthew Armitage, Brent BradfordAs was mentioned in the book “Goaltenders are not Targets (, for aspiring elite-level goaltenders to truly reach their performance goals, they must maintain a high level of fitness and remain well-conditioned. The “Art of Goaltending” demands plenty on the body’s energy systems, along with flexibility beyond normal capacity. I am certain you understand that goaltenders are called upon constantly during hockey games to move explosively for short spurts of time with precision, quickness, and purpose.

IMPORTANT POINT TO CONSIDER: There are several Conditioning Coaches in the World of Sports that claim to be knowledgeable enough around the most recent research conducted in specific areas. It is most likely that they will sell themselves as the absolute best choice for your goaltender’s conditioning needs. I would, therefore, like to bring to your attention that is imperative for your goaltender’s needs that what these Trainers and Coaches are claiming can be proven through proper credentials, education, quality experience in the field, etc. Ensure you ask questions!

It is hoped you do not fall for the latest unproven, cost-consuming training fad! If you perceive there to be something strange about a specific training regimen … research it on your own! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Trust your instincts when it comes time to choosing your aspiring elite-level goaltender’s off-ice and/or off-season Conditioning Coach.

Know the Differences! It is vital that goaltenders understand the differences between pre-season, in-season, and post-season training. There are different purposes and strategies to obtain the most efficient use of time when it comes to a goaltender’s training regimen in order to become the most conditioned athlete possible.  For example, goaltenders can become more conditioned during the off-season by engaging in wind sprint, explosive stair climbing, and roller blading exercises … to name a few. In the off-season, it is important to train and develop the muscle groups that are going to be used throughout the hockey season.


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  1. Comment by Victor LeMire

    It’s TRUE… I hated off ice training, the running, the weight lifting, the flexibility workouts … YET …one simply will never become an Elite Goaltender without making each of these extra body conditioning programs part of your development.
    It can best be said that one would NEVER bite into that Sweet, Sweet chocolate bar without first removing the candy wrapper … RIGHT!
    It’s really that simple, so undo your own “wrapper” and get busy becoming that ELITE Goaltender!

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