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Jared Connell, a 14-year old goaltender, has come a long way since his first few years of ‘minding the net’.

NOVICE HOCKEY: Jared Connell began his hockey career as a Novice Tier 6 goaltender. From the beginning, he demonstrated the skill levels of a higher-tiered goaltender. Therefore, during the next season, he made a great leap into Novice Tier 2 and experienced a winning-season, including 3 tournament championships!

 ATOM HOCKEY: During the following season, Jared played his first year of Atom hockey. He played Tier 1 which demonstrated clearly that his skill development was increasing rapidly! Throughout his second year of Atom Tier 1 hockey, Jared Connell had a very successful season; again, he improved immensely and proved to be one of the ‘top goaltenders’ in the league.

 PEEWEE HOCKEY: Jared Connell moved into Peewee hockey by making Tier 1. He fell short of Peewee AA hockey that season. However, he continued to work hard, dedicate himself to becoming an effective goaltender, and worked on his level of ‘Game Understanding’. He performed very well throughout his first season of Peewee hockey … but it was his second season that ended up becoming extremely special!

During his second season of Peewee hockey, Jared competed with the SEERA ICEMEN Peewee AA Hockey Team (in Alberta, Peewee AA is top-level hockey, there is no Peewee AAA)! Thus far, Jared considers that season to be his “biggest year of hockey”! Throughout the season, Jared began to attend to his fitness level; he started working out almost every day! His hard work, dedication, and sacrifices paid off!

Jared Connell was part of a hockey team that won almost every tournament it entered (e.g., Minor Hockey Week, University of Alberta Golden Bears Tournament). In every tournament final game, Jared found himself in net helping his team succeed! In fact, during the Provincial Championship Game, he and his teammates earned a shutout-win! The SEERA ICEMEN won the Provincial Final by a score of 2-0! Jared made 27 saves for the win and the shutout on the Province of Alberta’s largest stage for Peewee Hockey!

A few weeks prior to skating around the ice surface with the Provincial Championship banner, Jared’s team won the City Finals. In the City Finals Game, two goals got past Jared on 49 shots! The SEERA ICEMEN won in overtime! The team coaches, along with myself (the team’s Goaltender Coach), informed him that one of the main reasons they won that game was due to his spectacular play! Jared Connell was presented with the game puck by the coaching staff … even his teammates declared that he almost single-handedly carried the team on his shoulders!

BANTAM HOCKEY: Jared’s first season of Bantam hockey saw him play for the MLAC Freeze Maxwell Bantam AA Hockey Team. During the season, he learned, developed, and improved in many aspects of his game (e.g., communication, leadership, puck-handling). Jared Connell, a strong and confident goaltender, admits he had some struggles early on … but by the end of the season … he was much more effective during game action! However, he understands fully that hard work and dedication was required both on and off the ice in order for improvements to occur!

Presently, Jared’s second season of Bantam hockey has been successful! He is currently playing with the MLAC Bantam AA Brickmen Hockey Team. Jared recognizes that he is on a “great team” that has “great coaches” … and believes that a Provincial Championship is a possibility … however, in his words he stated, “we need to play our best and if I play my best, it is within reach!”

‘PLAYER OF THE GAME’ SELECTIONS: Jared Connell has been selected as the ‘Player of the Game’ six times this season by his coaches … and … was also selected as the team’s ‘Player of the Month’ in October 2012. In the league, Jared Connell is currently among the ‘top 10 goaltenders’ in minutes played, wins, saves %, and GAA.

Jared Connell has become an effective skater through hard work! Skating has become one of his strongest assets. He practices hard to perfect his skills! Shuffles, butterfly crawls, butterfly slides, etc. are practiced regularly. He is very effective moving across the crease. He is experiencing tremendous results due to his hard work. Besides his 110% work ethic and coachable attitude, Jared is extremely dedicated to training at Bradford’s Goal Academy regularly!

When the hockey season closes each season, Jared competes in a 3on3 hockey league. Several hockey people say it does not benefit goaltenders, but he knows differently! 3on3 hockey provides goaltenders with opportunities to play pucks, face breakaways, and deal with many, many odd-man offensive attacks! Also, 3on3 hockey is perfect for improving his communication skills as he strives to become the quarterback on his team!

Jared Connell has become extremely effective at stopping breakaways … and when he does, he believes his team gains an edge!

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Jared Connell has an incredibly positive attitude! On the ice, you will rarely see him bang his stick or communicate poor body language after a goal. Jared is capable of shaking a goal off and focusing on the next shot. In the dressing room and in the hockey arena environment, Jared is never rude to anyone … and he respects his teammates consistently (never bringing them down) … he is a true team player!

“It’s better when I help and encourage my teammates!” /Jared Connell


I give a 110% effort buzzer to buzzer. If there’s a loose puck in the crease, I will be the first one to pounce on top of it. This season, I have played most of the big games!

I have grown and developed a lot from last season! For example, last season, if the opportunity presented itself to play the puck, I would hesitate and usually leave it alone. However, this season, if a puck gets dumped into our zone, it is my puck to play and no opposing player is going to stop me from handling it!

Coach Brent Bradford has helped me develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become an effective goaltender and an aspiring elite-level athlete!



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