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When you teach … you learn! BGA’s Mentorship Academy works alongside selected student-athletes en route to developing their leadership, speaking, and teaching skills. Goaltender mentors are chosen at all levels after demonstrating (1) a high degree of dedication and perseverance toward the Art of Goaltending, (2) a rich amount of cooperative and social skills, and (3) a keen interest in giving back to the Game of Hockey. BGA Mentors, who work closely with Brent Bradford, become highly trained both on and off the ice through innovative teaching strategies and productive learning activities.


  1. Comment by A Dad of a Goaltender

    I don’t think my son would have excelled to a higher level if he didn’t gain the confidence from listening to Brent and Vic. My son has nothing but respect for the two guys. My son has been a student of Brent for 5 years now and my son helps out Sr. Novice and Atom-aged goaltenders with Bradford’s Academy techniques with basic power-skating drills and positioning styles. Mentoring is a very important part of a goaltenders training.

  2. Comment by Joe V

    The on ice training has helped my son understand the commitment and understanding of the goalie position. A big thank you to all instructors especially to Brent. The off ice one on one talks with my son helps him understand that it’s not the wins at his young age of 7 but how many saves he makes in a game. Now he will come to the bench after every period saying “dad, did you see that save I made ?” Instead of “I do not think I am good at goal.” Thanks for supporting him Brent and he looks forward to the summer camp!

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