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The pressures are tremendous! The rewards are even greater!

Goaltending in the ‘Game of Hockey’ is the most exciting and demanding position to play. A goaltender’s performance has a tremendous impact on his/her team’s level of success. A coach does not have the luxury of hiding a goaltender on the ice … as can be done with other positional players at various times during a game. Therefore …

  • … goaltenders must be well prepared at all times!
  • … goaltenders have endless opportunities to make game-winning saves!
  • … goaltenders have endless opportunities to assist in their team’s game plan from the backside!

Although goaltending is psychologically demanding … goaltenders must control the environment; the environment must not control the goaltenders.

Goaltenders must focus on the puck at all times and be prepared to react to every shot while communicating to teammates about incoming offensive attacks. They must be aggressive in order to show the puck as little of the net as possible while still being attentive to angles and positioning.

Goaltenders must become ‘Great Chess Masters’ in the Game of Hockey!

Goaltenders aspiring to reach elite-levels must develop the ability to anticipate before having to make a save. It is critical that these goaltenders are able to decipher a play in progress … and to conclude what will happen to the puck after a save.

Being in charge of stopping pucks for a team will bring on bruises, pressures, and criticism!

SAFETY: Proper fitting equipment will help keep goaltenders safe when stopping pucks.
ENJOYMENT: Goaltenders that develop the fundamental skills and continue to develop elite-level skills will discover that goaltending is the most enjoyable position to play.
SUCCESS: Goaltenders that continue to enhance their on-ice skills, strength, conditioning, and overall understanding of hockey will progress to higher levels of hockey more easily.

Goaltenders must become students of the game!

Goaltenders must be challenged by coaches and parents/guardians. Their knowledge must be tested consistently (e.g., the knowledge of responsibilities of not only their own position, but those of teammates and opposing players). Goaltenders who study the ‘Game of Hockey’ will recognize plays, strategies, and offensive attacks before they even occur. They will begin to think ahead of the play (Chess Masters of the Game); they will not react after the play has occurred and after the puck has gone past forcing the RED LIGHT to be turned on.

Goalie development gives goaltenders a high level of overall hockey knowledge! They must understand the ‘Game of Hockey’ to a much higher degree than solely knowing how to stop a puck.

Coaching goaltenders is not an easy task! Whether a coach or parent/guardian has been a goaltender previously or not, it is important to recognize that goaltending has evolved. Today’s goaltenders require a special way of being coached. Although the techniques and skills may be viewed as straightforward, logical, and easy to learn, coaching goaltenders requires a positive, constructive, and innovative learning environment; goaltenders learn most effectively in an environment where they are taught properly through a caring attitude, not one that attacks the goaltender’s efforts and skills … and not one that relegates the goaltenders into becoming nothing more than a TARGET!

Although goaltending is the most demanding position … goaltending must remain fun!

At Bradford’s Goal Academy … we are Educators, Mentors, and Trainers; we are fully committed to ensuring that goalies develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to ‘mind the net’ successfully. The more advanced a goaltender becomes … the more prepared he/she will become to perform at high levels during games. In a split second, a goaltender must be prepared to utilize any fundamental save technique available within his/her arsenal. Therefore, our goalie academy teaches the ‘Game of Hockey’ and trains goaltenders to succeed in every possible game situation through its innovative BGA Curriculum.

Bradford’s Goal Academy is not solely about becoming a goaltender … our goalie training philosophy is about helping goaltenders attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to develop a passion toward excellence intrinsically.


Goaltending has evolved over the years! If you observe goaltenders from different hockey eras, you will realize quickly that much has evolved (e.g., equipment, crease lines, strategies). It is important to note that there is no ONE WAY to play the goaltending position. Therefore, at BGA, our goaltender training will develop a personal goaltender system for each individual, or overall approach to keeping the puck from entering the net. Whatever style the goaltender chooses to engage in, it remains critical that he/she strives to enhance his/her skills by …

  • … observing others!
  • … practicing at every opportunity!
  • … inquiring about new information!
  • … experimenting with new skill sets!

At our goalie academy, goaltenders are Educated, Mentored, and Trained using ‘BGA’s Pragmatic Principles of Goaltending’. In order to help aspiring goaltenders to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach the MASTERY LEVEL of performance, these principles are at the forefront of BGA’s Curriculum:

  • Goaltenders are all different sizes!
  • Goaltenders possess different ability levels from one another!
  • Goaltenders have different levels of experience from one another!
  • Goaltenders have different levels of self-efficacy from one another!
  • During every single hockey season, not one style has proven to be exclusive!
  • A variety of goaltending styles have proven to be successful since the inception of the ‘Game of Hockey’!

BGA develops goaltenders at all levels of hockey!

For Advanced and Elite-Level Goaltenders (e.g., AA, AAA, Junior, College, University, Professional), BGA‘s Curriculum has been produced to help them develop a deeper understanding and ability toward the most intricate skills of goaltending. We provide a detailed Educational Training Plan that identifies the most significant skills required to reach the highest levels of hockey.

ATTENTION GOALTENDERS! You have made a conscious decision to play a position that will enable you to be a difference-maker. Take every opportunity to study the ‘Game of Hockey’ … and … to practice your individual skills so that you can be the most effective goaltender in your league.

Goaltending is the greatest position to play in hockey! Now … begin making a difference today!


  • Comprehensive, Continuous, and Collaborative Assessments/Evaluations!
  • Constant Care toward Learning!
  • Effective Educator: Student Ratios!
  • Game-Like Drill Sessions
  • Goaltender-Specific Power Skating
  • Individual / Partner / Group Leaning Formats!
  • Intense Training!
  • Off-Ice Conditioning!
  • Qualified Teaching Team!

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