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I have been a goaltender for over 30 years! I love the goaltending position in hockey and I absolutely love goalie training! Each day, I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do at BGA! However, what is equally enjoyable to me is thinking about, discussing with others, and writing about all different goaltending topics (e.g., history, new methods, evolution of equipment)!

Therefore, I would like to focus this BGA Blog on a “legendary goaltender” who deserves a lot of credit and attention from the Goaltender Fraternity! I look forward to your thoughts, memories and/or questions on this “true pioneer” in hockey … Seth Martin!

Due to the fact that I grew up in Trail, BC, Canada, (aka The Home of Champions), I was fortunate to play on several great hockey, baseball and soccer teams with outstanding teammates. Throughout my childhood years, my family and coaches along with other home-grown professional athletes drilled into me that two of the most outstanding feats in the “Game of Hockey” were when the 1939 (rated the “Greatest Amateur Team Of All Time” by Anatoli Tarasov, Legendary Russian Coach) and 1961 Trail Smoke Eaters captured the World Hockey Championship Titles.

The winning goaltender in 1961, Seth ‘Cisco’ Martin, came to be known as “Everybody’s All-Star.”


1) Seth Martin was the first goaltender to wear a goal mask in International Hockey.
2) Seth Martin built many masks for Professional and Amateur Goaltenders, including his NHL goaltender partner Glenn Hall who was wearing one when Bobby Orr scored his famous goal in the 1970 playoffs … do you all know about Bobby’s goal?
3) Seth Martin played goal for Team Canada in the World Championships in 1961, 1963, 1964, 1966, and 1967.
4) Seth Martin was named the World Championship’s Outstanding Goaltender in 1961, 1963, 1964, and 1966 while making the All-World All-Star Team in 1961, 1964, and 1966.
5) Seth Martin starred for Canada in the 1964 Olympic Games.
6) Seth Martin belongs to the BC Sports Hall of Fame.
7) Seth Martin belongs to the BC Hockey Hall of Fame.
8) Seth Martin belongs to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Hall of Fame.
9) Seth Martin played for the NHL’s St. Louis Blues (1967-1968). St. Louis reached the Stanley Cup Finals that year.
10) Seth Martin was nicknamed “The Masked Marvel” by European sportswriters.
11) On December 23, 1964 at Trail’s Cominco Arena, the legendary Fred “Cyclone” Taylor presented Seth Martin with the “BCAHA’s Outstanding Player Award.” On that evening, Seth’s WIHL All-Star Team went on to defeat the Russian National Team.
12) It has been noted that, as a young child, the “Great Vladislav Tretiak” idolized Seth Martin.


Seth Martin is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why I chose to become a goaltender. With such a tremendous goaltender fraternity hailing from Trail, BC (e.g., Seth Martin, Cesare Maniago, Bev Bentley, Don “Smokey” McLeod, Reno Zanier, Mike Zanier), it became apparent to me that small-town goaltenders could reach “elite-status” in the exciting “Game of Hockey.”

As you may have guessed, I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to write (on BGA’s Official Website) … “Thank you Seth” for paving the way for so many goaltenders across the world, including myself! Thank you for being a true pioneer in the Game of Hockey!

ATTENTION BGA GOALTENDERS … AND FANS OF LEGENDARY GOALTENDERS! When you are studying the history of great goaltenders … be sure to look up Seth Martin. It is undeniable that he truly impacted “THE GOALTENDER FRATERNITY” in a positive manner!

Be sure to check out more “Tributes to the Goaltender Fraternity” in our book “Goaltenders are not Targets” … (

What goaltender (past or present) has inspired you? How come? (It would be terrific to learn more, from you, about how goaltenders inspire!)


  1. Comment by Lucas

    Roberto Luongo is my favourite NHL goalie because he stays big in his net, has a great butterfly position and he encourages his teammates.

  2. Comment by Sean

    The goaltender that inspires me the most is Grant Fuhr because he never gave up. For instance if somebody tried to deek him he didn’t just stand in the net … he followed the puck until the play was over. I also met him in person at Coronation Arena. He shook my hand and let me take a picture with him!

  3. Comment by Declan

    I found it interesting that Seth Martin created the helmet and wonder how tough a goalie would have been without a helmet. Tim Thomas inspired me to be a goalie when he won the Stanley cup. Go small town goalies!!!!!

  4. Comment by Colin

    The Goaltender that has inspired me is Grant Fuhr. I liked him because he was a good goalie and made the big save when needed. I would like to meet him one day.

  5. Comment by Ryan Shelast

    I had never heard of Seth Martin, but it was interesting to read about him. The goaltender that inspired me is my older brother, Michael. Because I was interested in Michael’s Goal Academy because I saw how good Michael was. And then my team goalie left the country, then I had my chance to goaltender. And now I am in Team 2.

  6. Comment by Samuel

    My favorite NHL goalie is Devan Dubnyk. He is a big goalie and moves quickly for his size. He inspires me because even though his team did not win many games, he still plays his best.

  7. Comment by Nathan Trueman

    My favourite goaltender is Pekka Rinne who plays for my favorite team, the Nashville Predators. I like him because he’s a very quick and aggressive goaltender, he’s great with butterflies and he earned the Vezina Trophy in the year 2011-2012.


  8. Comment by Lachlan

    Patrick Roy inspires me the most by how he took up the net and handled the puck.
    He always knew where the puck was and controlled it well.

  9. Comment by Caden

    The goalie that inspires me the most is Jimmy Howard from the Detroit Red Wings He always knows where the puck is, he never gives up and he has a very quick butterfly.

  10. Comment by Carter

    In my mind, my favourite goalie of all time is Martin Brodeur. He is great at handling the puck and SCORING!!! He is a great guy and a amazing goaltender.

  11. Comment by Joey P.

    I choose Dwayne Roloson because he was the goalie when I was at the age of choosing my hockey career and who played on the team I paid most attention to while I was young. He really inspired me when he played the puck showing how important goalies actually are and not just someone who just blocks shots. At my age, he really was my favourite goalie and I would watch him play every time, and I loved it when he made the great saves especially on players like Crosby. He really could cover the net and moved swiftly and never took his eye off that puck.

    Goaltenders inspire me to do better by showing how good they are in the net. Even goalies not in the NHL make me feel that I can be as good as them … maybe try hard to be better than them. Making me to do better even when I’m in practice is my other goalie coach Josh Janke who like coach Brent and Vic he pushes me to get better and better. I like too also watch him so I can take in his technique. I’m happy to have him as my coach and am ready to embrace more goaltending skills and to get better.

  12. Comment by D.J.

    My favorite goalie is Miikka Kiprusoff. He plays for my favorite team, the Calgary Flames. I like him, because he works hard at staying flexible by stretching a lot. He has good concentration and always watches the puck. He has fast reflexes and never gives up! He is also very calm in the net, even if he gets scored on – I think that helps to keep his team calm. That’s how I want to play!

  13. Comment by NetNik

    The goalie who inspired me is Carey Price. I like watching Price because he always looks big in net, he never gives up a battle and he plays the angles well. I notice he is always calm and professional in goal. Seeing that Carey Price is from BC, maybe coach Brent taught him to be in the same frame of mind like he taught me, “shot by shot, period by period!”

  14. Comment by Sebastien

    Jonathan Quick plays goal for the Los Angeles Kings. He was born January 21, 1986, and is 27 years old. He is 6’1, and weighs 201lbs. He is married and has a three year old daughter. Mr. Quick started as a youth playing hockey in Connecticut.

    I admire Mr. Quick for the following four reasons. First, he can concentrate and focus well during the game. For example, when there is a scramble in front of the net, he tracks the puck well.

    Second, he is very nimble and has a high fitness level. Quick is known to be very flexible and I’ve seen his workouts in a video where he demonstrates that. He probably trains frequently.

    Third, he handles both low and high shots deftly. He shows a lot of confidence when he plays, and most of the time he demonstrates self-control and doesn’t react in anger to letting in a goal or some other disappointment.

    Fourth, Quick handles both deflections and screened shots well because he is able to skate well, remain on his feet, and move with speed in control in the ready position.

    In conclusion, these are the reasons why Jonathan Quick inspires me.

  15. Comment by Brady

    Mine would be Tuukka Rask, he learned so much from Thomas that this year he was the starter Goalie, this showed that hard work pays off!

  16. Comment by Josh

    Marc-Andre Fleury is my favourite goalie because he has a great style and that is “keep the puck out of the net.” He’s not a traditional goalie that goes down in a butterfly … he will do what it takes every game to keep the puck out of the net. I find that important because he’s not worried about being perfect and exact in every stance and move, if he stops the puck … he is happy.

  17. Comment by Nate B

    The goalie that has inspired me the most this year is Cory Crawford. He covers a lot of net, challenges players coming in on him, has a really good glove hand, and has a solid tight butterfly. I have also been impressed with his interviews as he seems to be a real team player with a lot of focus and drive.

    I wish to be just like him, and be a critical piece of a successful team someday.

    Nate Dawg!

  18. Comment by Colby

    Patrick Roy!

    I noticed that he has an outstanding glove hand and is an extremely good puck handler. I also saw a video when he went around Wayne Gretzky and got a penalty when he crossed the red line. He is also a little bit too cocky when it comes to the great saves he makes. Like the one time when he said “I couldn’t hear what he was saying because I got my two Stanley cup rings plugging my ears” … and when he winked at the player after he made a save … and that one time he lifted the puck in his glove and he dropped it into his net by accident.


  19. Comment by Noel Bereska

    The goaltender that inspires me the most is Jonathan Quick. He also plays for my favorite team the L.A. (Los Angeles) Kings. Quick has an awesome glove hand that robs almost every shot and he is quick in his net. Quick is always following the puck behind his net. The reason why Jonathan Quick is my most favorite goalie of all time is because he has great flexibility, he never gives up, and he encourages his teammates. I admire when Quick is being interviewed during intermission, he always talks about how his team is playing, not just about he is playing. I’d love to meet him one day. I want to be a goalie just like him, and play for Los Angeles. Quick knows where the puck is at all times, and can be aggressive some times. He has won the the Stanley Cup once in 2012. He tracks the puck really well; he handles the puck really well. Quick has won the Conn Smythe Trophy once, also in 2012. I have seen YouTube videos on Quick and he has made some awesome saves. That’s why Jonathan Quick inspires me the most.

  20. Comment by Riley

    The main goalie that’s inspired me the most is Carey Price. He plays a similar style of goaltending that I am used to. He is great at stopping the puck and he fights to cover the puck when there is a loose rebound. Carey always looks calm while he plays and is always in position. Another reason is because like Seth Martin, Carey was born in a small town too by the name of Anahim Lake, BC. He grew up playing hockey all the time in his small town, and to see where he is now is what motivates and inspires me the most.

  21. Comment by Benjamin D

    Who has inspired you and why that goaltender inspires you? Martin Brodeur has inspired me my whole life as a goaltender. He always battles hard for pucks during games and never gives up on a play. Even when it looks almost impossible, he saves the puck no matter what the circumstances are. He is always positive even if a goal goes in. I never see him frustrated. My Dad always tells me “If the puck has gone in the net, there is nothing you can do about it except stop the next shot”. It feels to me that Brodeur has that exact same motto just by the way he plays.

  22. Comment by Bradley

    I like L.B. from the Edmonton Oil Kings. He helped his team win the WHL Championship in 2012 and to get to the finals again in 2013. I once got to meet him at an Oil King camp, and was at the championship game in 2012. He has a great forward position and moves very quickly in the net. When his team is down, he digs in and doesn’t quit, giving them the chance to come back.

  23. Comment by Ben H.

    James Reimer inspires me because he is really good at breakaways and he also has quick reflexes for those hard and quick saves.

  24. Comment by AJ Mauricio

    My favorite goaltender is Grant Fuhr because I saw on a video called Rock-em Sock-em he made a lot of saves and I thought that was cool, so I want to be like him too.

  25. Comment by Reid

    The goalie that inspires me is Roberto Luongo because he won the Gold medal with his Canadian hockey team at the 2010 Olympics after replacing Martin Brodeur. He is the very first goalie I every knew.

  26. Comment by Ethan

    Marc-Andre Fleury has inspired me because he works hard every game and he makes great saves. Also, he has led his team to the Stanley Cup Finals, twice and won, once!

  27. Comment by Peter

    My favorite goalie would be, Miikka Kiprusoff. He is my favorite goalie because he was the one that made me join hockey … when he joined the Calgary Flames in 2003. That same year he brought the Flames to the Stanley Cup Finals.

  28. Comment by Milo

    I like Khabibulin because he is always ready to play when the time comes, and is always positive with his teammates.

  29. Comment by Frank

    Thanks for recognizing Seth Martin. I began playing goal at the age of 8 in 1963 when Seth Martin was “Canada’s Goalie”. Playing for the Olympic team of Father David Bauer in the 1964 Olympics, Martin might well have “stolen” the gold medal from the dominant Soviet and Czech teams had he not strained knee ligaments in the game against the Czechs. Martin was an early goalie mask pioneer, designing not only his own mask but also those worn by Russian goalie Viktor Konovalenko and Czech goalie, Jiri Holacek. Past his peak when he played one year in the NHL with the expansion St. Louis Blues, Martin’s numbers were still very credible which suggests he could have starred in the six team NHL had he not chosen to remain in Trail and focus on senior and international hockey. Much like Jacques Plante, Martin was a pioneer who influenced many young goalies both in Canada and Europe.

  30. Comment by brandon nickel/martin

    i met seth martin in 2011 at our family reunion in trail, i never knew i was related to him hah

  31. Comment by Brent

    That’s terrific! A great man … and a legendary goaltender! I recommend you “pick his brain” for hockey stories! 🙂 Feel free, then, to share those stories here! 🙂

  32. Comment by Clay

    An inspiring goalie… Well, I would like to take my hat off to each and every goalie that has ever laced up pro or not. I do believe that playing goal can be one of the most gratifying positions played in hockey. I do believe that all hockey players have a mutual respect for their goaltenders. Goaltending is the last line of defence and can be one of the most mentally challenging positions. I find it completely ironic that a goaltenders state of mind can control the whole tempo of a hockey game. I do also believe from firsthand experience that a mentally strong goalie will be far more capable of winning hockey games with his team than a more physically talented less mentally motivated goaltender would be. The mental state of a goaltender is what separates a champion goaltender from an average one. My childhood idol was Felex (the cat) Potvin. This is a perfect example of a very talented goaltender that had two great seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs and fizzled out. I am not him so I can’t speak for him, but this is a true case of where did the goalie go? Was it a state of mind? It is hard to speculate on the reasons why the Cat’s career ended the way it did. Never the less he had one of the best glove hands in the business and took the spotlight on the already trending butterfly style. I would be interested in the consistency of a goaltenders mind state when referring steady tenders in the game such as : Broduer,Thomas,Quick,Price as compared to tenders like Potvin,lounge,Hextall who all have the raw talent to win but show inconsistencies in their game. Unfortunately goaltenders are human and have lives outside of the game of hockey that directly and indirectly affect their game. I just wonder if some are better at clearing the slate than others.

  33. Comment by Cliff Morton

    My favorite goalie is Rogie Vachon, but Jonathan Quick ain’t bad.
    But I write to say that I saw Seth Martin when he was the coach or assistant coach for the Spokane Flyers, (1976-1977) and I was also lucky enough, when the Phoenix Roadrunners came to town, to see Willie O’Ree play…his wheels had already fallen off but his hand were still as sweet as they ever were..

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