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Jamie P.

My son Jr. age 12 has been with Brent for the last 6 years, this summer will be his 7th, it is the only goalie camp we attend. I am a firm believer in Brent and his mentorship in working with goalies, we have been extremely lucky that we started Jr. at a young age, and under Brent’s guidance Jr. is well under his way to play high end hockey. Brent’s calm and cool demeanor in teaching the game has been very effective for my son and have seen it work with lots of other goalies, another bonus is Brent pushing education and needing it for life, my son is a top end student as well. I, as a coach, have also pushed education for our local hockey team, thanks to Brent. We have just hosted T3 peewee provincials, Jr. had a great week, playing some of the best hockey I have seen him play, his positional play, his knowledge of when to challenge and his play on breakaways is what separates him from others. So thank you Brent and we are proud to be part of the Bradford family of goalies. I know one day Jr. looks forward to being an instructor for Bradford’s Goal Academy and helping his goalie coach!

Jamie P.- Parent (British Columbia)

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