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Kieran F.

As a young up-coming goalie, this academy has not only given me the right instructions in order to be an elite goaltender, but has also provided me with a great education in the game of hockey we all love, on and off the ice. This amazing experience has given me so much knowledge from the great instructors on the ice, to the dry-land fitness and classroom strategy sessions. Everyone at this camp receives an amazing and memorable experience that they will remember for the rest of their life. This camp has made me a much better goaltender and has helped me realize that I have what it takes to play at an elite hockey level. Without this great experience I would not be the goaltender that I am today. Being from Regina, Saskatchewan I would walk all the way to Edmonton in my full goalie gear for this fantastic experience each and every year!

Kieran F. - Midget Goaltender (Saskatchewan)

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Jared C. - Bantam Goaltender (Alberta)

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