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Tammy G.

When Carter decided to be a goalie I was very hesitant, I wasn’t sure how he would handle the pressure or learn the necessary skills … that is until I met Brent Bradford. Carter did a couple sessions thatBradford’s Goal Academy offered with Whitemud West MHA. He became hooked! He came home after each session and couldn’t stop talking about what he learned and what a great teacher Brent was! I knew I had found what Carter needed … it was BGA! Not only has Carter become a more confident goaltender … but he has also found some great mentors! I hope that one day he will have an impact in someone’s life as Brent and his team have had in his. At the beginning of the 2012-2013 hockey season, I was very hesitant about Carter going to BGA because I didn’t want to feel that Carter was taking a spot from someone who was a better goaltender. That was a mistake on my part and something I was reassured by Brent Bradford later that Carter was where he belonged … in BGA!

Tammy G. - Parent (Alberta)

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