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Trevor D.

Going to BGA provides me and all the other goalies with not only goalie skills, but important life skills. Some of these skills include:

Education: Brent strongly encourages each goalie to work hard in school and get a good education. He pushes each goalie to get the highest marks possible.

Goal Setting: Each goalie writes down short-term goals (i.e. current season) and long-term goals (i.e. next season and years to come).

Hard Work and Dedication: This is Brent’s #1 objective. He wants every goalie going 110% on and off the ice at all times. Each goalie pushes themselves to become the best goalie they can be. I am accountable for my own success.

Respect: Each goalie respects the other and treats everyone equally.

Self Confidence: Brent is always boosting up each goalie’s confidence and helping each goalie to believe in themselves.

Speaking: Each goalie has the opportunity to speak in front of all the other goalies improving their public speaking skills.

HAVE FUN: Brent always emphasizes having fun while playing hockey.

Trevor D.- Peewee Goaltender (Alberta)

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