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Top-Performing Playoff Goaltender?

Hello Goaltender fans, 

As we head into the 4th and Final Round of the 2017 NHL Playoffs, who has been, in your mind, the top-performing goaltender?

Now, it has been said that the goaltenders playing in the 4th Round must be considered. However, this is where you can have your say! We look forward to your responses! 

“The top-performing goaltender of the 2017 NHL Playoffs is _________ because ______________.” 

Now … let’s all enjoy the 4th Round!


  1. Comment by Vic LeMire

    Top-Performing Goaltender: Craig Anderson (Ottawa Senators)

    The NHL Playoffs for this year has most certainly produced some of the best games
    that I can ever remember watching. For that to happen,there is no doubt that
    “the Goaltenders” have had to play the most important part in the games!

    I would have no problem in declaring that Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators
    has produced some of the most SOLID Goaltending throughout every series he has played in.

    Yes, they have a very good Team, however, It was Anderson who kept his Team
    close although being outplayed, allowing the Senators every opportunity to win most games.

  2. Comment by Jared Connell

    I know it’s supposed to be one goalie but I have to go with the Fleury/Murray one two punch. This year they needed great goaltending more than they did last year. They get outshot most games and are missing stud Dman Kris Letang. Fleury got them by Caps in my mind and Murray got them by Sens. Special shoutout to Blues goalie Jake Allen who did play exceptional but couldn’t make it out of the second round

  3. Comment by Bryce Mayer

    1) Pekka Rinne
    2) Although he’s struggled in the first 2 games of the finals, he carried nashville through Chicago all be it playing behind a solid defense. The reason I’ve chosen him though is because without a doubt Nashville wouldn’t be in the position they are now
    3) he covers the bottom part of the net as good if not better than anyone, he’s puck handling is a very underrated part of his game, he does a great job Not over challenging which he can afford to do because of his large stature in the crease

  4. Comment by Evan Parrilla

    Craig Anderson-Ottawa Senators
    He stepped up and changed his game as the team needed him. He wasn’t a one dimensional always the same goalie throughout. He was vocal on the ice when needed to be and appeared always in the game.

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